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Read fnaf pregnant Novels

CEO's Pregnant Ex-wife

CEO's Pregnant Ex-wife

Four years ago, she was framed by her stepmother, her reputation was ruined, and she was kicked out by her husband, becoming a clown in the eyes of everyone. Four years later, she returned home with three children! Fighting for family property, tearing up scumbags and bitches, playing around in the celebrity circle, and resolutely drawing a clear line with her ex-husband... In the process of upgrading all the way, the ex-husband of the billionaire CEO actually licked his face and begged for reunion...
Pregnant with the Cold Mafia

Pregnant with the Cold Mafia

Adriana is a 21-year-old former stripper who had a one night stand with Lorenzo, the youngest son of a mafia boss Giovanni De Luca. She finds out she is pregnant but Lorenzo initially tells her to get an abortion. He later changes his mind and asks her to move in with him and pretend they are engaged. Adriana is wary of Lorenzo and his mafia family but agrees for the baby's sake. She moves into Lorenzo's mansion. Lorenzo takes Adriana to meet his judgmental mother Andrea and extended family. Andrea insults and humiliates Adriana, sensing she is not of their class. At a disastrous family dinner, Andrea provokes Adriana until she lashes back. Lorenzo defends Adriana, threatening consequences for anyone disrespecting her or the baby. Lorenzo and Adriana have a turbulent relationship as they navigate a fake engagement and impending parenthood amidst the politics of Lorenzo's powerful mafia family.
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